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We are delighted to be showcasing some fantastic new images by award winning photographer Marianne Majerus.

Marianne has captured some of our latest projects with some truly inspirational photography. Click here for examples

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We have recently updated our website and added some new images to our gallery. Click here to view some of our completed projects.

Leading trade magazine Show House include Modular in this month’s issue discussing creative use of outdoor space. Kate Hamilton reports “Creative use of outdoor space is in vogue and housebuilders are now coming to the garden party.” See pages 74-77 for full article

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Modular were recently asked to answer a few editorial questions related to Project Planning for an Urban Garden and here are some of the comments..

– Things to consider before you decide to develop your garden

There are a few key factors that will have a significant impact on the design of any garden that clients should consider carefully right at the start.

Use of the Garden:

What will you use your garden for? How often will you use it?

Seems an obvious question but there is a range of things you can do in a garden,    they all drive different design responses based on location and orientation and some         are not very compatible. For example: entertaining, relaxing, and playing (kids –        football!)…even gardening (a lot of our clients want low maintenance stylish       urban outdoor space, they are not so interested in gardening)

– Trends in planting

We produce bespoke planting solutions for each project and they are always a response to local site conditions and a client brief but there are two underlying sets of conditions that affect our plant choice generally.

The range of easily available plants at an affordable price is finite and has become more restricted due to current economic pressures.

The increasingly varied climatic conditions mean that plants have to be able to cope with greater extremes of wet, dry and cold conditions.

At Modular we are continually adjusting our range of plants against the above criteria to ensure we can deliver the broad range of textures, colours and varieties needed to deliver bespoke solutions (with a general bias towards high impact with low maintenance planting solutions).

– Design ideas for low maintenance

Low maintenance is generally associated with bland planting. Modular doesn’t limit the complexity of the planting but we do design even planting schemes and surface finishes so that they can be managed easily. In the context of a bespoke garden this can mean using:

  • Self-regenerating planting – grow in spring, flower in summer, colouring in autumn, no, or less activity in winter…
  • Group planting -big masses of similar plant type so that maintenance can be done quickly
  • Avoiding clipped planting, roses, etc

– Design ideas for high maintenance

We really do not deliver high maintenance solutions, they are really for the DIY Gardner who enjoys delivering the whole process from beginning to end

– Layout ideas

There are no general solutions for layout; it is always the result of the successful integration of the specific site with the client’s requirements for the use of that site.

– Ways to maximise seating in shaded areas/ sun spots…

In urban gardens, sun is harder to get and therefore more valuable than shade so look to maximise it. You can always make shade afterwards relatively easily.

A couple of approaches we use to maximise sun where applicable:

  • The Sun moves, so do not design a rigid space, design to maximise usability and flexibility of the space i.e. you can put furniture in a number of positions in a defined seating area, or around a number of defined seating areas and it works and still looks good.
  • Design the volumes around seating areas (generally larger plants and trees) according to a reverse pyramid structure so that no tall volumes can block out sun close to seating areas….if you have existing trees, look to reshape them to deliver sun.

Modular sponsor football team at Emirates Stadium!

Modular featured in this year’s Top 5 Selection Guide to “Everything you need for buying, selling and developing your home”. The new glossy directory and online guide is made up of five key areas that will cover every property requirement: Property Transactions, Suppliers, Services, Building & Trades and Gardens & Outside.

Channel 4 featured Garden

Double Your House for Half the Money with Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny presents Double Your House for Half the Money on Channel 4. A show which helps people achieve their property dreams without breaking the bank in these recession-hit times.

Series 1, episode 1 includes a Modular garden as “an example of open plan living.”

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Osmani Trust a local youth and community organisation based in Tower Hamlets, have awarded Modular the award winning landscape and garden design company, the contract to design and install a new roof garden for a purpose built youth centre in Whitechapel, London.

Modular beat stiff competition with a proposal that the Trust felt delivered on the key aspects of the brief:

· An exciting and high profile design that considered its target audience of predominately young people.

·   An open space for users of the Osmani Centre to relax and unwind.

·  A garden as an open area designed to compliment events and activities taking place within the Osmani Centre.

Modular beat the competition with its “inspirational concept addressing specific requirements within a well structured design that showed quality and depth of thinking in fulfilling the project brief.”

Speaking from Osmani Trust, Abu Hasanath said “We feel the Roof Garden design by Modular will work very well with our community centre and will be enjoyed by all its users.”

Speaking from Modular, Allon Hoskin said: “We wanted to offer the Osmani Trust a design that would capture the essence of their brief but also be inspirational to the centre’s primary users.”

“We understood that the roof garden would be used by mainly young people and also needed to be a space with the ability to be flexible in function which drove the design and choice of materials. The space is designed to function as a single space when needed, but has built into it zones which have a more private discrete feel for use by small groups when needed. The roof terrace forms a main focal point from the main hall so it was important that the design creates an interesting and inviting area when viewed from the internal spaces as well as being a valuable outside space.”

“The team at Modular are delighted to be working together with such a worth while organisation. We are looking forward to Modular’s unique approach to outdoor space and living becoming a valuable part of life within the Osmani Centre.”

About Modular

Modular designs, manufactures and installs award winning landscapes and gardens.

The range of products and experienced team delivers everything required for bespoke, high quality landscapes and gardens, from initial concept through to installation and aftercare.

Modular is the complete solution for creating outdoor space for living that is tailored to individual requirements and budget. The aim is to create outdoor space that exceeds expectations.

Contact: Sonia Verdi on +44 (0)207 2531222 or visit

Osmani Centre

The new Osmani Centre is a purpose built youth and community centre for the people of Tower Hamlets. It was built together in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council as a direct replacement of the old centre. The new Osmani Centre was completed in August 2011 and was handed over to Osmani Trust to manage its day to day operations.

Osmani Trust

Osmani Trust is a youth and community organisation based in Tower Hamlets and Newham. The Trust offers a wide range of community, health and sporting initiatives tailored to the needs of the community. It aims to provide a holistic service, which helps people, particularly those living in disadvantaged urban communities to re-engage with mainstream society and improve their quality of life.

Through its provisions, Osmani Trust seeks to address issues impacting the community including substance misuse, racial tensions, criminality and anti-social behaviour, territoriality and gang-related violence, unemployment and overcrowding, lack of training and employment opportunities. It also places strong emphasis on the health and social welfare of the community. The Trust is well known in the area and has been providing local youth services and support to young people across the Banglatown and Spitalfields area for over 3 decades.

Osmani Trust works with ordinary people helping them to do extraordinary things.

For further details on Osmani Trust visit or Email:

We have just updated our website and added new gardens to our ‘Examples’ section. Click here to see the new gardens and download the case studies.